Good Questions: Vintage Fleas In Your Place?

Good Questions: Vintage Fleas In Your Place?

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 20, 2006

Hello AT,

A recent poster to a well-known bulletin-board site warned people
that a piece of furniture he or she had bought was so infested with
roaches, an exterminator had to be called in.

I immediately looked around at all the used (often "vintage") pieces I've bought, such as this little suitcase and this quirky chair, and started to worry that I might be living in a chamber of horrors. (FYI: I don't have roaches, and haven't seen any telltale signs, either.)...

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Since AT'ers are so helpful, I thought I'd ask them what their thoughts are and experiences (or, let's hope, their lack thereof!) have been. Fall puts me and many others in a flea-market (no pun intended) kind of mood, so I thought this would be a good time to ask.

Thanks! Paula



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