Cushions that Convert a Bed to a Sofa?

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Q: West Elm has a new sofa with back support cushions that can be rearranged to make a chaise, couch, sectional, etc. The cushions are available for sale without the purchase of the couch, and so I would like to buy two of the back support cushions to convert a full bed into a daybed / couch – their dimensions are perfect to fit two along the length of the bed. The end result would be somewhat similar to the Kimberly house tour design from your blog (shown below the jump), with a little more pillow...

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I have two hesitations about the West Elm cushions – they are $150 each ($300 is a lot for pillows!) and they are kind of clunky in design. Has anybody seen something similar for a better price, or something a little sleeker?

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Good Questions

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