Good Questions: Do Pillowtops Get Lumpy?

Good Questions: Do Pillowtops Get Lumpy?

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 21, 2006

Hello AT,

My partner and I are replacing the mattress we bought for $200 seven years ago, when we first moved in together. We're wondering, however, about the rumors we've heard concerning pillow top mattresses. Both of us like the firmer pillowtops we've tried at the store, and particularly adore the Heavenly Bed (pictured) at the Westin Hotel. But we've heard that pillowtops are prone to become lumpy and form depressions after only a few years, and durability is important to us...

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The other option we're considering is a regular firm mattress with a feather bed (which we've also never had). We're wondering whether you and the AT readers have an opinion on these two options and/or experiences with either. (G-rated experiences that is - I may blush at anything racier than PG-13!)

Thanks! Jessica

ps - our budget is under $1K including mattress + box spring + delivery, and we've ruled out memory foam

Dear Jessica,

Unfortunately, we don't have any experience with pillowtops, but we haven't heard that rumor. Let's see what others say. Anyone??

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