Good Questions: Can I Stain My Shades?

Good Questions: Can I Stain My Shades?

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 25, 2006

Hello AT,

I recently purchased shades on-line from the Shade Store. I am very happy with the quality and function of the shades, but I wish I had gone with a darker color or shade (pun entirely intended).

I purchased a natural shade made out of organic materials, the MS-4. I wish I bought the MS-3. Because the shades are custom made, there is no return or exchange policy available. My question for AT is, would it be possible to stain or paint these shades a darker color myself? I was thinking of maybe brushing on a stain or using spray paint. Has anyone tried this or have any advice?

All the best, Stephen

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Dear Stephen,

Be careful! Your shades, though a natural material, are probably coated and sealed and may resist paint and stain. In addition the cording that ties the natural material together may take color totall differently and look awful. The best thing is to test a small part (perhaps the top back) and see what happens.

We would also avoid paint of any kind. Since your shades are natural and have variations in the wood, you want to preserve that. Staining in some way is your best bet.

We would try a very light mixture of Minwax stain or perhaps even shoe polish both carefully brushed onto the wood surface only.

Anyone else??

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