Good Questions: Corner Stand for Flat Panel TV?

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Hello AT,

Where can I find a good-looking, functional, won't-break-the-bank corner stand and shelves for a flat-panel TV? The space is 80" long on one wall and 60" on the other (shorter because the wall gives way to a stair rail), and we're finding it really difficult to fill it...

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Our requirements:

1. Dark wood or black, traditional/craftsman/mission style (no metal legs)
2. Something to hold up to a 50" flat panel TV plus at least two component boxes (can't get rid of the cable box for the time being)
3. Not crazy-expensive (which rules out custom, I think)

We really like the base units of the Pottery Barn Logan system (picture included; envision it without the hutches) but it comes to aboout $2000, which is at the absolute high end of our budget, plus I'm not sure they would fit along the short wall. Any other suggestions? You'd think with all the small apartments more companies would offer corner solutions!

Thanks, Ann


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