Tips for Choosing a Security Alarm?

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Q: We recently noticed that someone tried to open our car door, but thank god they were unsuccessful! However now I am also worried about the safety of my apartment, so I am thinking of getting a security alarm. I would prefer an alarm that notifies me of an attempted intrusion so I can call the cops immediately. I was looking on the following sites: Target, Sears, Home Depot, etc, however this left me even more confused.

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I live on the second floor of a 2 story building and I have attached a picture showing what the entry looks like. I don't think I need an alarm for windows as I`m on the second floor and also because I always lock my windows before going out. Therefore an alarm that works for the main door is basically what I need.

Apartment Therapy readers please help me choose a security alarm. Thank you!

Sent by Jessica

Editor: Please share your advice and tips on choosing an alarm with Jessica - thanks!

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Good Questions

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