Good Questions: Creative Cover-Up for White Cabinets?

Good Questions: Creative Cover-Up for White Cabinets?

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 27, 2006

Hello AT,

I rent a studio in Brooklyn, and I have those landlord-popular
white-and-wood kitchen cabinets. (This pic isn't my kitchen, but I have the exact same ones.)

Given that I rent, I don't want to replace them. I'm just looking for a creative (nonpermanent) way to give them a new look. Any ideas?

Thank you! Kelly

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Dear Kelly,

For a nonpermanent solution you are a bit limited, but given that they are pure white, you really have the perfect canvas on which to work some magic.

Two ideas that come to mind right away:

Go for wallpaper and back it with a soft adhesive that will allow you to take it off. See this post for the idea.

Or go for wall graphics! See this post for various sources.

Anyone else??

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