How to Decorate Enclosed Wraparound Front Porch?

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Q: My husband and I bought a lovely little blue farmhouse in Minneapolis, MN this last March, and one of its best features is the enormous wraparound porch. We haven't a clue how to furnish it though! As you'll see in the pic, we've got some old-fashioned wicker furniture out there now, but it's dwarfed by the size of the porch, and it just doesn't live up to the possibilities inherent in such a great space big space!

One side note is that we host a monthly "Soup and Bread" get-together at our house, and it would be great to have seating on the porch for a large, informal gathering of folks out there. Old church pews? Theater seats? Help! Also, I love porch swings, but where would it go?

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Good Questions

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