Good Questions: Babyproofing LCD TV

Good Questions: Babyproofing LCD TV

Janie Lee
Feb 28, 2007

Julie sent us an email: "We just got an LCD TV and we're running into babyproofing problems. The old TV weighed about 150 pounds so we weren't worried that our toddler would knock it over but now we need some new place to put the TV. This new one can't be kept within easy reach. We rent so we really can't just wall mount it. Has anyone come up with clever solutions to this? The best I can think of is just a very large stand or a very high one but I don't really like either of these options.

This is a great question and one we'll need to tackle ourselves soon. Our thought is still to mount the LCD TV so that it's fully secure. But we understand you rent. We found this cabinet from Salamander A/V Furniture. The LCD or plasma actually mounts to the cabinet (via the posts), so you don't need to drill holes in your landlord's walls. And when you move, you take it with you. The cabinet comes in different configurations to suit your needs.

Anyone else have a solution for securing flat screen TVs without direct wall-mounting?

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