Warm or Cool Colors for Living Room?

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Q: Hello from Vancouver! I just bought my first aparment, and in the past few weeks I have been struggling to get a functional color scheme. Buckets of paint samples later, my initial joy to start this project is slowly turning into a regret. The only thing that I like so far is a bright white on the main walls.

I am trying to make the accent wall color to work complement the massive canvas print in the living room (which I love), dark sage tiles around my fire place (which I kind of hate but match my kitchen), and the mid-tone cherry floors. Other than my couch, I still have to buy all other furniture, so all that can be decided later.

I have learned to use Photoshop to help, after the cost of paint samples were starting to add up. It seems like either a green/blue or orange/brown scheme just may work... or not. Should I give up and paint everything the same white?

Sent by Amir

Editor: Please share your color preferences (warm, cool or white) and suggestions with Amir in the comments below - thanks!

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Good Questions

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