Good Questions: Staining Light Maple Floors?

Good Questions: Staining Light Maple Floors?

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 15, 2006

Hello AT,

I have light maple hardwood floors. I want to turn them chocolate brown. I have heard that they will turn out blotchy if the contractor doesn't know what they are doing and that the floors should actually be dyed, then stained for the best result. Is that all true? What other insight can you give me? Finally, is there a contractor who can be recommended who works in Brooklyn?

Thanks for any help, Bob

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Dear Bob,

We are actually working with a client who has maple floors right now and it is true that the grain of the wood makes even staining difficult because it does not absorb evenly or well.

The best approach is - as you said - to dye them with an analyne dye and then stain them. While the dye can be a bit tricky as some have alchohol mixtures and dry quickly the procedure is not unlike staining your floor twice. First you lay down the dye and then you lay down the stain AFTER the dye has fully dried.

On the floor we are working on now we have a beautiful color occuring with Van Dyke Brown dye and Coffee Bean stain.

We recommend testing a small portion of your floor first as the final color that you get will be a combination of the dye and the stain AND the polyurethane sheen on top (you don't need to poly if you feel comfortable with the color after staining, but you should know that it will illuminate the colors more and generally make it nicer).

Anyone else??

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