Good Questions: Eeeek, Mice In My Ceiling?

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Hello AT,

I live in a New York city rental where there has been scratching noises in the ceiling for 6 months now. I suspect it to be mice in the ceiling/floor board. I am a deep sleeper and it is loud enough to wake me up multiple times a night. I've spoken with my landlord and upstairs neighbor to no avail. The landlord said they could only leave bait/traps out in the general area (did nothing). My upstairs neighbor said she has not seen mice and claims to not hear the noise...

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The noise does sound like it is from 'within' the ceiling though. I've tried to install those ultrasound repellent devices and banging on the ceiling, either of them worked. Do you have any suggestions to what I could do? I do have light fixtures in the ceiling and maybe I could leave poison in? Would that result in dead mice in the ceiling with smell? I've even had the nightmare where the mice successfully dug a hole through the ceiling and fell on me (!!). What can I do??!!

Thanks, Grace

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