Good Questions: Big Color Help?

Good Questions: Big Color Help?

Hello AT,

Can you wise Apartmenttherapy readers help us figure out what color to paint our already fairly colorful living room? As you can see, our living room has a blue sectional couch; a multi-colored oriental rug; an orange and blue print with a gold frame; orange, white, and brown throw pillows; a white lamp with a brown shade; and an arc lamp with a white shade. We want/need to paint, but are at an impasse about what color it would be reasonable to add to the walls. My husband is in favor of a bright mustardy yellow (Torch from C2)...

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I think we should pick something neutral and warm, like taupe perhaps; neutral because there is already so much color in the room, and warm because of my fear that the blue couch makes the room feel cold. On the other hand, maybe a neutral color would just look out of place or boring; I don't really know.

About the room more generally: The couch was a recent impulse purchase at a retro furniture store, and we love it, so it stays. The rug could possibly go in a different room. The throw pillows we bought recently and we like them, but we're not 100% tied to them.

There's also the possibility of painting one or more walls as accent walls. We've thought about painting just the wall opposite the couch, which goes up the stairs, or just the wall behind the couch, or just the archway between the living room and the kitchen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

-Jenny and Tom (in DC)

P.S. The photos show all four sides of the room. The first one (DSCN0038) was taken from a few steps up on the stairs; the second one (DSCN0026) was taken from the kitchen, looking through the living room towards the front door (that's Freddie in the picture, btw, and he is very excited about the prospect of being on Apartmenttherapy). The third one (DSCN0157), of the stairs, was taken from the couch, and the last one (DSCN0158) was taken looking towards the kitchen. The light is different because the last two were taken at night and the first two during the day.

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