Good Questions: Enclosed Loft for Parents w. Baby?

Good Questions: Enclosed Loft for Parents w. Baby?

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 30, 2006

Hello AT,

After a short stint in the south, we may be moving back to San Francisco (I'm posting in NYC b/c we have renters in our unit and I don't want to scare them if they read AT). We have a "loft" apartment which has a spiral staircase up to an open bedroom area. So we also have a baby. There's a "nook" area downstairs where she could sleep. My question is...has anyone enclosed an open, upstairs bedroom? Sliding/pocket doors w/frosted glass? I'm just looking for some ideas here to create some division of space/noise/sound because she sleeps in her own room right now, in suburbia :-)

Thanks, Beth

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Dear Beth,

We've never done this but it certainly could be done, and beautifully too. If you read Dwell this month, there is a company in the back advertising section that sells very nice sliding glass and polymer walls that might just do the trick (we loaned our copy or we'd tell you who they are).


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