Good Questions: How to Re-Cover This Art-Deco Chair?

Good Questions: How to Re-Cover This Art-Deco Chair?

Maxwell Ryan
Dec 1, 2006

Hello AT,

Bought this for next to nothing as a project chair as I like art-deco but not the high prices of pieces in good shape. Obviously it needs lots of TLC but I know an expert refinisher so it'll look like new when it's done. But - I'm not sure about fabric for this. What do people think of doing the arms and front in leather and the seat and back in a retro fabric like Margret Rose (attached below)?...

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I was thinking a combination of the lines in the fabric along with doing the whole back in a modified channel-back style of tufting would pick up on the deco motif on the front of the arms. But since this is going be relatively expensive, second (and third, and fourth, and etc!) opinions are more than welcome. Thanks in advance if you post this!

Keith (in Vancouver, Washington)

Dear Keith,

You are venturing into territory that we've have yet to venture into in terms of art deco styling, but we have to say that we really like your idea of using two textures on a chair like this and that the Marimekko Rose would work well. Of course, it would be a VERY strong statement and not for the faint hearted, but we think you know that.

Anyone else???

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