Good Questions: Re-Sconcing Help?

Good Questions: Re-Sconcing Help?

Maxwell Ryan
Dec 6, 2006

Hello AT,

Help! I think there's something off about where I've hung these wall sconces: even my basset looks troubled by them. They work well in terms of utility, but I'm not sure how they look on the wall. I'd eventually like to get hardwired ones (or two pendants), but for now these, with a cord cover over the cord, will have to do.

Anyone got any of those rules of thumb to guide my re-sconcing? Or are they actually fine where they are?

Thanks, Lisa

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Dear Lisa,

It's hard to say exactly, but we'd go lower and further out to the side so that they read more as bedside lamps than head-bangers. If you keep the light lower you will expose the bulbs less which will cut the glare and you will not interrupt the wall behind the bed as much, which is a lovely open space and should be kept that way (or hung with art).

In short, keep your bedroom sconces low and tight.

Anyone else??

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