Inexpensive Creative Solutions for Closet Doors?

Inexpensive Creative Solutions for Closet Doors?

Janel Laban
Mar 15, 2010

Q: My husband and I are at the end of renovating our fixer-upper condo in San Francisco, and the one big thing we have left to do is find 2 sets of sliding closet doors. Unfortunately, we have very little budget left, and the various quotes we've received are way out of our price range (who knew a couple slabs of wood could cost so much!?)

The closet openings are about 6' (wide) x just under 8' (tall) and 7' (wide) x just under 8' (tall). We're looking for creative solutions, DIY, or any advice for where to look for doors that are simple, functional, and can stand up to a toddler attacking them.

Sent by Sara

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