Ideas for Laying Out this Long Room?

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Q: I have been a long time reader, and after purchasing my first home a few months back I am starting to decorate. My only problem is the long layout shape of my kitchen/dining/living area (floorplan below). Its a a two story restored workshop townhouse with an exposed brick wall on the wall closest to the deck. I am stumped with how to place my furniture.

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I have included an image of how it is at the moment, however I will be buying a new sofa and table in the future, so I am happy to change to whatever you suggest. My only requirement is that no tall furniture is placed against the exposed brick wall, as it would block the light and diminish this feature. Do your readers have any idea how I can fit the most into this long shaped room? What furniture should I change? Or what furniture should I add?

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Editor: Please share your layout ideas and furniture purchase suggestions with Megan in the comments below - thanks!

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Good Questions

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