Good Questions: How To Deal With the Smoke?

Good Questions: How To Deal With the Smoke?

Maxwell Ryan
Dec 15, 2006

Hello AT,

I own the top house of a stacked townhouse. My new downstairs neighbour is a chain smoker and the stench of her cigarettes has permeated my house, to the point where I'm in a constant state of allergy attack. Worse, I work from home, so I'm always there, eyes watering, nose running...

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I've contacted the board of directors of our condo development about fixing the insulation in the walls which will, I hope, block most of the smoke, but they refuse.

I understand I can't ask her to stop the smoking, as it's her house. (And, she's really not the most pleasant person in the world...) But short of selling my house (which is looking more and more like a viable option), can you recommend a solution to make my home livable?

Thanks much!




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