Good Questions: How To Remove Scratches From My Tub?

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Hello AT,

My bathtub is scratched (from cleaning my window screens in the tub) and I was wondering if there was a way to fix it. i.e someone who could come in an spray a layer of special paint, etc?

Thanks, Keely

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Dear Keely,
Depending on what kind of tub you have, you can fix the scratches in different ways. First, you might want to see if the scratches are just aluminum marks ON the surface of your tub. These might go away with bleach and a stiff metal scrubbee. We found this link for cleaning and repairing acrylic tubs, and this link for repairing a fiberglass tub. If you want to resurface your whole tub, that is another thing, but not hard to do. Here is a thread on tub refinishers. Anyone else?

(Pic by Feverish)

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