Good Questions: Searching for a room divider

Good Questions: Searching for a room divider

Mar 5, 2007

Alysa sent us an email:

"We need to divide our bedroom from our sons crib.

We would prefer to not put up a wall and do do something less permanent and more creative. any ideas????

Thank you!


We think a great option would be the modular screens by dVider shown here, which involve screens mounted on poles that go from floor to ceiling and need no nails or screws.

Personally, we'd caution against using a freestanding screen; there are many great options (there was discussion about it on AT last year here), but we'd be too nervous about them tipping or falling over in a house with a small child.

You can also use a wall-to-ceiling curtain screen, which involves drilling a track and installing a rod or hooks on the ceiling, but is easy enough to do. We just saw Stephen Howkins' beautiful dividers via decor8.

Other ideas for Alysa?

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