Good Questions: Water Bottle Planters

Good Questions: Water Bottle Planters

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Gretchen just sent us this question: I just moved to Brazil with my husband and we are working on our balcony garden. We have this great balcony and view its just missing some herbs and plants. Since Brazil is the second largest consumer in the world of bottled water, we are collecting these big 5 liter water jugs from friends to use as planters. Only problem is... How do we make them not look like big water bottles? I was thinking I could string 3 or 4 together and then make some kind of screen or box to cover them. Question is: Made of what? Outdoor fabric on a frame? Who's got some good ideas out there?

That sounds like a super resourceful, cool idea. We've got very creative readers -- and we think some people out there will have some ideas for you and your water bottle planter problem.

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