Good Questions: Good Place for Cable and DVD Box?

Good Questions: Good Place for Cable and DVD Box?

Maxwell Ryan
Jan 26, 2007

Hello AT,

So, I just bought great mid-century credenza on which to place new plasma TV. Unfortunately, there is no good place to put DVD player and cable box. I feel there must be some sort of product like an open-ended box type pedestal thing in black metal. I envision something in black metal that would blend with the TV--something long and low (like 5" tall) to slide the DVD player and cable box in...

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Problem is, whenever I google for TV pedestal or media box, etc, all I get are entertainment centers. Does anyone know where to get this sort of product?

Thanks, Cristina

Dear Cristina,

This is exactly what AT: Home Tech is for. It will be up in a few weeks!

We know your pain. However, we don't personally know of any good answer. Many will drill a hole in the back of a vintage piece like this to get the boxes inside. We have also gone down to Canal Plastics and had boxes built out of lucite (colors are available) which is a nice way of getting exactly what you want.

Anyone else??

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