Good Questions: How Can I Chrome My Trestle Table?

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Dear Great People at Apartment Therapy;

The other day i was shopping and saw a great chrome trestle legged table with a glass top. I too have a trestle legged table with glass top, though the legs are made of wood and from ikea. They are pine, unfinished and look rather ... well it looks like they came from ikea and i was wondering if there is an easy product to give them a chrome look; one that looks like chrome and not cheep metallic looking spray paint...

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Ive done a little online research and the only products i find is Krylon's chrome product(which im sure will give me that cheep metal colored spay paint look) or cost prohibitive products ( over 100 dollars). Does any one have any idea ( of which i can do at home)? Or another good idea to hide the mas-produced pine look of an otherwise great desk?

My den and I thank you, Matt

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