Good Questions: R&B Avalon Sofa?

Good Questions: R&B Avalon Sofa?

Nov 21, 2006

Jina was wondering...
Hello AT, I am eyeing Room & Board's Avalon right-wing sofa in Tetris Flannel for my one bedroom apartment. I absolutely love the sofa, but am worried that it may be too formal and narrow for everyday use. I was wondering if any AT readers have lived with it and if so, what their impressions are? Also, does anyone have any suggestions for dressing it down?

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Hi Jina- you have excellent taste. The Avalon sofa you picked is truly a beauty! We don't think it's necessarily "too formal." It really depends upon what you put with it. The fact that it doesn't have any arms or decorative tufting, etc... keeps it very modern and simple. An easy solution to "dress it down" could simply be adding fun and whimsical colored pillows, and maybe a chunky bright throw blanket. Look for a pillow that has a fun design or graphic, maybe something like this bird motif or this one, or even this radial sun... or even a funny animal one... just make sure you mix it up and balance it with a solid basic one or two. Anyone have any other suggestions for Jina?

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