Good Questions: Rare Coffee Table in Search of Leg Parts

Good Questions: Rare Coffee Table in Search of Leg Parts

Dec 4, 2006

Hi AT,

Help! We own a "Joe Ship" glass coffee table whose metal legs were designed by Philippe Starck. We need to replace the piece of hardware that holds the glass in to the legs but no hardware store, glass shop or furniture store seems to carry anything like it.

It is about 2 /12 inches tall. The bottom half is a heavy screw (about 1/3 inch diameter); this screws in to the table legs. The top is an inverted pyramid of hard black plastic on which the glass lies. This whole "screw" is then tightened with a wrench to hold the legs on to the glass tabletop.

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If anyone knows a store, catalog, or other source of hardware that might work with this table (or knows who carries the Phillipe Stark table legs I am describing), please let me know!

(The "Joe Ship" table was made in 1982. I've heard it's "very hard to find." Now how does one find hardware for a 20+ year old rare table?

Thanks for any suggestions you can provide!)


That's a tricky one, Sophie! Anyone out there have any ideas?

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