Good Questions: How can we save our stove?

Good Questions: How can we save our stove?

Dec 21, 2006

AT reader, Gracegrl, has a problem and needs advice: "Hi AT, I have a bit of a legal question about our apartment, thought maybe I'd see if any of the other Apartment-Dwellers could help us out. Our landlord wants to remodel our kitchen, which means ripping out the original 1950's Jetson style oven and range and replacing it with a cheap, standard stainless stove, and putting in new cabinets and counters throughout..." continued after jump.

"...There's nothing wrong with it right now but they have remodeled all the kitchens in our comples of 19 units. We've seen several of the remodeled kitchens, and they are hideous. The new cabinets are no nicer than the current ones, in fact thye aren't even bothering to fully sand then or put any kind of sealant on them. So, besides being aesthetically opposed to this, my husband works nights so construction would be disruptive to his sleeping schedule, Furthermore, it would make my kitchen unusable for a good week or two while they are doing construction. I don't know why they can't wait until we move out. Can they force us to allow entry to do this considering it isn't a necessary repair?"

Anyone been in this type of situation and can offer some advice?

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