Good Questions: Stylish Futon Cover Tips?

Good Questions: Stylish Futon Cover Tips?

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 13, 2007

Hello AT,

It seems that futon covers are made for the homes of Russian mobsters in Brighton Beach, i.e., as ugly and expensive as a Cosby sweater. Any ideas for where I might find an attractive futon cover for $100 or less? I am not interested in just solid twill, which looks too "dorm room" to me. I am hoping to find something with texture that makes my futon look like as much like a stylish and professional couch (this is for seeing therapy patients) as a futon possibly can...

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I am attaching a pic of the room it's going in, which I am doing in a kind of West-Elmy organic twigs-and-faux bois kind of look. (P.S. I got the idea for framing paint chip strips from AT!)

Thanks! Jack


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