Good Questions: Should I Keep and Recover This Chair?

Good Questions: Should I Keep and Recover This Chair?

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 13, 2007

Hello AT,

I'm trying to decide whether to bring this chair to my new apartment and if so, how to finally reupholster it. Right now it's draped with an Indian shawl that's too delicate to be anything but a temporary solution. I trash-picked it years ago, in its hand-sewn covering and while it's always been a little out of place in my living room (it's very low compared to the rest of my furniture, for one thing), I like the lines...

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So: Is it vintage-y enough to try to sell? (See label; the designer is Walter P. Baermann Assoc.) Or if I keep it, how to blend it with my more traditional couch, whose seat is a good five inches taller?

Thanks, Ingrid

Dear Ingrid,

We have no idea as to the value, but if it's in solid shape we say KEEP IT. We love the shape and think you have a great chair on your hands there.

What to cover it with? Black velvet: Yum. Dark linen. Yum. Deep Sage Green or Grey velvet: Yum, Yum. Leather!: W O W.

Anyone else?

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