Good Questions: Help Me Finish My Novel?

Good Questions: Help Me Finish My Novel?

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 16, 2007

Hello AT,

I am looking for a desk/writing table for my bedroom. Right now, I write on this side table stacked with two large books to make it the proper height for my lap top. this method is losing its luster, and I believe that a proper desk will help me finish the novel i've been working on for almost two years (or maybe it's just another form of procrastination -- who knows). I am thinking I could put the desk against the wall/window and don't mind sacrificing a bit of the window to do so (since there is no where else for it to go). I'd like a proper set up (but don't need much storage beyond a drawer), something simple, clean and unobtrusive that will blend with my pared-down traditional d├ęcor...

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I have also been dreaming of the Eames management chair for years and found an affordable version (not Eames of course) that I would like to use here. are these good desk chairs? and do you have thoughts on a desk/writing table that could work?

thanks so much. you guys really give the best advice so I am looking forward to hearing what you think!

Thanks, Jenny N.

Dear Jenny,

We wish you the best of luck! To really get your laptop in the right position for writing you want to get the screen up and the typepad down. Ergonomics is as important with the desk arrangement as is the comfort of your seat.

We would recommend a slightly wider desk and would place it either up against the window or facing out from the window with your chair behind. The laptop could then sit on top of an ICurve to lift it up, while a separate keyboard and mouse would sit on the desk.

With the ICurve, you have a wide choice of desks and a vintage or antique would do fine. Where to look? For this traditional style we would keep an eye on thrift shops and antique stores and NOT buy new.

As for the Eames Management chair, we know many people how use these for office chairs as they are beautiful and fairly ergonomic. However, we would strongly recommend sitting in one before you buy, as we are not convinced that they are the most comfortable seating for desk work. The condition of the chair is important and you want to make sure that it adjusts to get you up high enough to allow the typepad to be at a 90 degree angle for your arms.

Anyone else?

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