Good Questions: Is DeLonghi Fan Noise Normal?

Good Questions: Is DeLonghi Fan Noise Normal?

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 21, 2007

Hello AT,

I understand that a Delonghi built-in gas oven was installed in the "9 month cure" apartment. Any feedback? We had one installed yesterday and the very noisy fan runs all the time and then continues to run for 2 hours after the oven is turned off. Is this normal?

Thanks, LBlum

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Dear L,

We've experienced the same thing, although it has either lessened with time or we don't notice it as much anymore. The fan runs while the oven is on and then for quite a long time afterwards as if to cool the oven, but it hardly seems to need that much "cooling".

If both of our ovens are doing it, it must be normal, but it can still be annoying - particularly in a small space.

We just gave a call to EuroChef who sells them in the US, and they said that the fan cools the glass, handle and control panel. It is meant to cool for up to 20 minutes and beyond, after the oven is off. They say it is a "high end" feature and - unfortunately - can't be changed. "It has to do what it has to do," they say.

C'est la vie!

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