Good Questions: Awful Firedoor Insulation?

Good Questions: Awful Firedoor Insulation?

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 22, 2007

Hello AT,

We have a metal front door that opens to the building lobby. Is there any way to sound proof it from the interior of the apartment (we are stuck with the metal fire proof door). It's an ugly door and when there are loud people in the lobby it sounds like there in our apartment.

Thank you for any advice. KDG

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Dear KDG,

Absolutely. It takes a little bit of work to do it attractively, but we've seen folks attach a sandwich of soundboard to their front door to prevent just this type of noise. You need something to dampen the sound, because your firedoor is probably hollow and simply conducting the sound right through.

You may want to speak to your building first about beefing up the front door, as they may have already done it elsewhere. After that we'd speak to your local hardware stoor or locksmith to get a reference.

Anyone else??

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