Good Questions: Bedroom Design Relief?

Good Questions: Bedroom Design Relief?

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 27, 2007

Hello AT,

Here is our sunny brooklyn bedroom. We have this rug, which is a brighter gold-yellow than it appears to be. The rug is thick, good-quality (high-end Ikea) wool, and we like it; it also muffles sound. But I'm feeling hemmed in by the color and design after a few years...

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What bedclothes would look good with it besides white and, um, sage green, a color I loathe? You can see what I've done with this quilt, which doesn't quite work. I want to get away from the Persian mood. Maybe I should paint the bed?

Thanks, Joy

Dear Joy,

It seems to us that you have a couple of things going on here and you need to focus it in a bit more and go for the strengths.

The wall colors are lovely. The bedspread is lovely. The rug is very nice. The dark bed does seem a bit harsh and the blue pillows are a bit jarring. The bedside tables seem to tall.

We would lighten the room and lower the center of gravity all around by removing some elements, painting others and generally softening everything.

We would:

- lose the blue and sage pillows
- lose the wall sconces
- lose the bedside tables

- paint the bed the lovely off white color that you have in the trim on the wall.
- go with sheets that are white (or off white mauve as in the bedspread)
- go with lower, a bit wider, white side tables
- go with two bedside lamps in a light or glass color

Anyone else?

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