Good Questions: Animal Print Origins?

Good Questions: Animal Print Origins?

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 28, 2007

Hello AT,

Can you provide any information regarding the adorable black and white animal prints that Maxwell and Sara Kate had displayed in their home on a recent Oprah show? One was of a monkey and the other was an octopus. Thanks for your help.


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Dear Susan,

Here's the scoop: We saw these two images in Kate Spade's travel store on Thompson Street (that is no longer). They were framed and on the wall. We wanted to buy them, but they were not for sale and must have been by some designer and possibly antique. We took a picture with our camera and copied them in black ink, giving them to Sara Kate for Xmas last year.

We've since seen that the basic images have been used by Kate Spade in one of her fabric patterns, but we still don't know the origin. If we did, we'd sell them. They are lovely. You should see the other two animals.

Does anyone know more???

Tell us your secret, Kate!!!

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