Good Questions: Should I Take Out the Tub for a Shower?

Good Questions: Should I Take Out the Tub for a Shower?

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 7, 2007

Hello AT,

I have a real estate question. We have a very long, narrow galley of a bath in our old house. It's in desperate need of a renovation. Currently, the tub/shower is oriented along one long wall, making for a cramped feeling overall and a very ineffective lay out. I would make most sense to orient the tub/showere on the short end of the room; however, it's a few inches shy of the standard 60" tub. So I'm thinking "no brainer, let's just create a spacious, beautifully tiled shower enclosure, and forego a tub all together." But I'm wondering how this may affect resale (it's the only full bath in the house). I would love to hear everyone's thoughts!

Thanks! Brandy (pic: from Brandy of a shower she likes ;-))

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Dear Brandy,

We wish we could see your actual bathroom. Personally, we wouldn't hold back from making your bathroom exactly the way you want it for your life right now and forget worrying too much about the next owner.

But, we would first see if you can find a smaller tub and get the best of both worlds. Outside of standard lengths, there are many other non-standard sizes and we bet you could find a tub somewhere that would fit.

We have a friend who did just this type of thing and installed a small clawfoot tub that is just the sweetest thing in the world.

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Also, you could also look into Japanese soaking tubs for this short end of your bathroom. That would create a very beautiful, unique look.

Anyone else?

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