Good Questions: UV Protection for Artwork?

Good Questions: UV Protection for Artwork?

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 8, 2007

Hello AT,

as you can hopefully see from the pictures, my dining room and living room have a single long wall that i finally got to covering this weekend with a collage of prints...

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As you can see in the last pic, there is still lots of space available to the left of the composition (and the right as well, but that is not an issue.) however, this would put any potential pictures i hang there in range of sunshine that comes in through my windows.

do you have any recommendations on how to UV-protect windows? i'm wondering if there's anything like stick-on clear sheets or even spray-on stuff??

any suggestions would be much appreciated - thanks!


Dear YW,

What a lovely long wall you have! All of our art is protected from the sun through the glass or plexi in the frame, and we have not ever treated windows with anything other than shades or curtains.

That said, there is certainly UV film out there that could be used, but it may not be very attractive. We throw this out for other suggestions.

Our advice here would be to:

1. avoid getting too close to the window with your pics
2. ie. don't hang them in a great long line like this
3. instead concentrate them into a tighter grouping in the center
4. place those that are most light sensitive on the right side (away from the window)

We think that the long horizontal assembly could be improved by all of this, as it doesn't show off the group to it's greatest advantage.
Working with the biggest piece on the left center a bit low down, we would work outwards with heavier pieces towards the bottom and lighter one near the top.

Making a big assembly like this can be tricky and it is good to experiment on the floor until you get it right.

Anyone else?

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