Good Questions: Maps, Dots, and Dinosaurs, Oh My!

Good Questions: Maps, Dots, and Dinosaurs, Oh My!

Dec 20, 2006

Hi AT,

Any ideas on how to use a large world map in my toddler daughter's bedroom? My kids have been sharing a room (above) but I am going to move my daughter to her own room, which currently has a really big world map on the wall [picture after the jump].

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I want to keep the map there as an educational tool. However, my daughter favors girly colors and decorations. She likes the dots but I am not sure how (if) to integrate them with the map.

I also like the idea of magnetic and chalkboard paint on another, smaller wall (a la classroom-theme) but then how to make the room more fun? Maybe with the chalkboard dots?

I am also confused as to what kind of rug to get. I was thinking of this hot pink rug because she likes pink and it won't compete too much with the map, but I prefer a rug that's more lively and which is probably too much if I do the dots on the wall. And a rug that would probably be her favorite would look something like this "Hand-Tufted Polka Dot Flower Rug."

OR...I could move the map to my son's room. He's been angling to replace the dots with dinosaurs when his sister moves out. But... map with dinosaurs?

I would appreciate any advice!



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