Good Questions: CB2 Tripod or Target Tripod?

Good Questions: CB2 Tripod or Target Tripod?

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 15, 2007

Hello AT,

I'm looking for an affordable lamp for my living room and was initially interested in CB2's tripod lamp. It's a little over my budget...just wondering whether it might be worth the dough. Also, as an alternative, I found a tripod lamp along with a Thomas O'Brien Oval Shade floor lamp at Target, and am wondering about their quality. Can anyone vouch for any of these lamps?

Thanks for your help! Diana

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Dear Diana,

Although we haven't bought either of these, we would expect that you will get what you pay for each of these. The pics may look similar, but the CB2 lamp will undoubtedly be better made and more attractive upon close inspection.

That said, lighting is one area where we don't mind cutting corners when you are faced with a tight budget (there's no comfort issue). You WILL get an attractive light source either way, although one won't last as long.

Anyone have personal experience with these?

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