Good Questions: What Wrong With This Room?

Good Questions: What Wrong With This Room?

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 21, 2007

Hello AT,

I have a problem with our narrow first floor apartment, actually only with the living room. we have nice furniture and everything but something is missing. paintings? pictures? something else?or are the furnitures too narrow? what did we do wrong, because we don`t really feel comfortable here at

thanks and greetings from switzerland! belma

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Dear Belma,

You have a lovely living room, but the main thing it is desperately lacking is color and warmth.

You have a nice representation on the poles of color (black and white), but you need to "cut" the black and you don't have any actual warm color and not many mid tones.

We'd recommend doing any one (or all) of the following:

1. paint your walls with a warm off-white (visually warm)
2. consider a bigger rug for your living room (tactile warmth)
3. any artwork or warmer curtains will also help
4. an attractive runner on your dining table will also balance this big dark surface

Anyone else?

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