Good Questions: What's the Best Water Filter Solution?

Good Questions: What's the Best Water Filter Solution?

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 22, 2007

Hello AT,

Does anyone else have a filter dilemma? I want one, but which one? I used to have a Brita pitcher filter in college, but it was such a pain. Waiting for the water to filter because we never remembered to fill it up, and I never felt like I could get the corners of the pitcher clean enough. A faucet-mounted filter is a nice idea, but I think they're ugly...

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And the kitchen faucet is the only fixture I've bought for that room. I love it and I don't relish the idea of covering it up. Solution #3, the under-sink filters I've seen are pricey and would require a plummer. *sigh* In the meantime, I'm getting sick of hauling bottled water in and out. Plus I feel guilty about using more plastic bottles than necessary. Anyone have another idea I've overlooked? Eh, maybe it's just time to stop whining and get a pitcher filter.

Thanks, Candice

Dear Candice,

Pardon us for lifting your question from Last weeks Cure post, but we really wanted to see what the larger circle of readers would say. This was our response:

I totally know your water filter dilemma. We've done them all (except for the undercounter system). Right now we're back to the Britta pitcher, and it is *fine* but not great. I'd do the undercounter system, but we don't have the room under there and it is labor intensive. However, I would say that if you put in the effort to do it, you'll probably be really happy you did it and wonder why you waited so long. If it really bothers you, then go for the best solution and check it off your list!

Anyone else?

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