Good Questions: Storing dresses?

Good Questions: Storing dresses?

Julia Cho
Nov 29, 2007

Andee wrote us:

I need a brilliant solution for storing dress-up clothes (mainly dresses).  I have considered a small antique wardrobe, but our playroom is already cramped.  I also considered this, but hubby doesn't think it will work with the poofy dresses.  Storing them in a bin is not working, because everything gets tossed on the floor while they look for the items they want. Please help!

Thank you.  

Well, we're not 100% sure if you mean play dress-up clothes or clothes for dressing up, but we have a suggestion. Assuming they are dress up clothes for play (hence, in your playroom), how about using a hook like this one from Ecotots? It's made with toddlers in mind and claims to make "pick-ups a snap". That sounds good. We also like the rack from P'kolino.

Anyone else?

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