Good Questions: Blackouts For These Windows?

Good Questions: Blackouts For These Windows?

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 30, 2007

Hello AT,

The best part of my apartment are its windows. But I need blackout shades for the bedroom.

The problem is that the "stack height" (the distance between the top of the mounting frame and the top of the arch) is only 1 3/4". Anything deeper than that will hide the top of the arch. I'm thinking of either roman shades or cellular shades. The window measures 36"W x 81"L...

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All suggestions will be considered and appreciated, also suggestions
as to where to buy in NYC.

Thanks, tanguera

Dear Tanguera,

We would recommend Cellular shades in this case, as their stack height would be the slimmest and their blackout the best. You still will get leakage around the edges however.

We know you may not be a curtain person, but the best thing we've ever come up with are blackout cellulars and beautiful curtains to both soften the windows, draw more attention to the windows and allow for another layer of blockage when pulled.

That's our recommendation.

As for purchasing, we'd look at Janovic, Home Depot and Smith and Noble. For curtains we'd look at Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware.

Anyone else??

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