Good Questions: Host/Hostess Gifts For Children

Good Questions: Host/Hostess Gifts For Children

Janie Lee
Jan 16, 2008

AH recently sent us a question: Dear Ohdeedoh, I travel often, and sometimes I stay with friends who have young children. I like to take a host/hostess gift like jam or a new book, and I always want to take something for the host's children as well. Do you have suggestions for good any-time gifts for children between the ages of 3 and 10? Ideally these would be fairly low-cost - about $10 - yet fun and high-quality. I don't want to add to the scrap-heap of throwaway children's toys. Educational toys or activities are always great.

Thanks so much!
- AH

Dear AH:

How thoughtful to bring the children mini-host/hostess gifts as well. To satisfy a wide age range as well as either gender, how about a set of high quality Beeswax Block Crayons by Stockmar (first pic)? A set of eight comes in a sturdy tin box for $11.49. You get one each of: crimson, orange, lemon yellow, green, blue, violet blue, rust and black.

Or how about cookie cutters like this Dino Puzzle cookie cutter? Use it to bake a 9-piece edible puzzle. You can attach your favorite cookie recipe and a bag chocolate chips along with the promise to help the kids bake them during your stay.

Any other good ideas for AH?

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