Good Questions: Combo Trash/Recycling Bin?

Good Questions: Combo Trash/Recycling Bin?

Maxwell Ryan
Apr 16, 2007

Hello AT,

Where can I find a kitchen combination trash and recycling bin? We've all seen hampers to separate the whites from the colors, but what about a single unit bin to separate trash/bottles and cans/paper? Something aesthetically pleasing would be a plus.

Thanks, Dan

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Dear Dan,

The first place we would hit would be the Container Store. We were in there recently and they have beefed up their garbage/recycling section, though it is surprising how few containers do both at once. Most custom kitchens now have undermount containers for a multiple of choices, but the biggies like SimpleHuman, Vipp and Rubbermaid seem to want you to buy two instead of one, which might not be a bad idea.

We recently saw a new design at the Container Store - by a German company - called HERO or something like that, that is very slim and would be nice side by side with another one. Here it is.

We also saw this 2 Bin Recycle Center, which seemed to us the coolest of the lot for a two-in-one.

Anyone else?? How about from some other source??

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