Good Questions: Getting rid of Pigeons?

Good Questions: Getting rid of Pigeons?

Mar 1, 2007

Lillian has a problem:

Hi AT, I finally realized why two pigeons have been fluttering around on our patio. They've built a nest in an empty pot! Is it unsanitary to let them stay? And is there a good way to keep them away? We're worried about the droppings and we heard an unverified rumor about bird lice... LA denizens know how important outdoor space is for overall serenity. But now we feel like unwelcome guests whenever we step outside! What are two ethical girls with a soft spot for animals supposed to do about patio pigeons?

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Hi Lillian,
Pigeons are generally considered a nuisance by most people, so your concern is quite common. There are reports that some city dwelling pigeons can carry more pests and disease than rats. Plus they have a great homing instinct, and will probably return to a place they consider "home", so it is probably best that you get rid of the nest, and discourage them from hanging out. You might consider calling the Pest Management Division of the Los Angeles ACWM, they have an online PDF you can download that has more information specifically about Pigeons. Their number is 626.575.5462

Has anyone else had any experience with getting rid of pigeons? Please share in the comments!

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