Good Questions: Standard Hotel Lounge Seats?

Good Questions: Standard Hotel Lounge Seats?

Gregory Han
Mar 1, 2007

Even though the luster has dimmed, we still like to frequent the original Standard Hotel on Sunset (it's one of our favourite lowkey breakfast spots in the city). So we took notice when reader Hilary sent us this question about the hotel's lounge seating:

Hi AT, I have lusted after these wicker saucer chairs for years, seeing them first at Habitat in London and then again at The Standard hotel in Hollywood and in a spread in Elle Decoration (UK) with no credit. I have searched far & wide, ebay'd and googled to death with no luck. Can you tell me where I might find them?

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Hilary, we've got good news and bad news. First the good news: we found the chairs after some online Sherlock Holmes action. We were thrown off initially by searching around using "wicker" as the keyword. It was only after changing our search parameters to "rattan" did we find the Rattan 1Seat Egg Chair, a handmade rattan wicker ("ratanuitsuka") chair that is created using a technique called uitsuka knitting. So now for the bad news: we could only find japanese online dealers for this specific chair (we swear, we looked and looked till we could see wicker and rattan even when we closed our eyes!). We do know the chairs cost about $213.50 when converting yen to dollars, and none of the online foreign retailers seem to ship directly to the US. Perhaps one of our fine ATLA readers knows of a domestic retailer/importer that sells the Rattan 1Seat Egg Chair?

In the meantime, we have two possible alternative choices that may or may not strike your fancy. The first is this near exact Wicker Egg/Pod chair and ottoman we found from PlanetOranj. The shape is nearly identical, except for a slightly less egg-shape near the bottom of the chair. $495 and out of stock currently. But there is a link for inquiries, so perhaps they could help directly.

Our other alternative is this Donut Rattan Lounge Chair from (we noticed they have a local 310 area code), offered for $295. These have a beautiful darker finish to them that would work well in an island modern setting. Not the same, but equally sophisticated in appearance as the Rattan 1Seat Egg Chair in our opinion.

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