Good Questions: Cozy Big Room with Little Furniture?

Good Questions: Cozy Big Room with Little Furniture?

Maxwell Ryan
May 1, 2007

Hello AT,

I'm moving into a new apartment that I love with a huge living room (15x16) I can't yet afford to fill and has an odd element in the corner leading to the dining room. I think there was a gas furnace there in the past, but now it's a bit of a design challenge...

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Do you have suggestions for (1) arranging my limited furniture (sofa, chair, ottoman, IKEA LACK bench) to help it look inviting until I can afford more, and (2) addressing the corner? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Dear Zac,

This is just our two cents and we would definitely try a bunch of variatons when you have the furniture in the room, but the first thing that comes to mind is to set up the sofa with the back to the entrance, so that it splits the room, forces you to go around it to get to the seating area and makes the living area cozier.

On the other size, we'd set up our chair, ottoman and bench (coffee table) facing the sofa.

The first thing you should buy is a large rug! This will make everything cozier, highlight what a nice big room you have and allow you to feel comfortable even on the floor. You won't need much furniture then.

As for the corner, it is an oddity that would do well if it had some artwork mounted in it or flowers. Definitely do something, but more in the artistic direction and forget function.

Anyone else??

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