Good Questions: Babyproofing a master bedroom

Good Questions: Babyproofing a master bedroom

Mar 2, 2007

Genevieve sent us an email: "We live in a one bedroom apartment, and have been co-sleeping with our baby (no separate nursery). She is now starting to walk, and we are wondering what we need to do to keep her safe. I think we covered the basics of babyproofing (childproof outlet covers, etc), but I am nervous about her getting out of bed while we are still sleeping! Is it possible to babyproof our master bedroom and still have it look stylish?"

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We know we have some co-sleeping families here at Apartment Therapy, so lets throw this one out to the experts - if you are a cosleeping family, how did you babyproof your master bedroom? Were there any surprises once your little one was big enough to start getting out of bed on his or her own? How did you make your bedroom safe for your child to sleep in?

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