Good Questions: Staircase for My Balcony?

Good Questions: Staircase for My Balcony?

Maxwell Ryan
May 3, 2007

Hello AT,

We recently built a bedroom and elevated office within our loft in Brooklyn with glass sliding doors. We are now stuck with what to do for a staircase and railing for the open balcony...

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We built an upper loft office for the storage underneath that is about 4 feet high. We need a stairs and some form of railing that looks stylish,conventional, and is also inexpensive. If you have any ideas, please help!

Thanks, Danielle

Dear Danielle,

It seems that what you want here is a solid step that can also roll when needed. Why not build a light 3-4 step structure out of plywood and set springloaded casters underneath it - you know, the kind that are underneath those round step stools from the 70's?

We think you could buy everything you need at a lumber/hardware store, and then you would also want to stain it the color of your balcony.

BTW, this is beautiful work you've done!

There are also rolling step ladders made for libraries that you might be able to find - readymade - but we don't have an exact source.

For your info,


Anyone else?

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