Good Questions: How To Lighten This House?

Good Questions: How To Lighten This House?

Maxwell Ryan
May 7, 2007

Hello AT,

Help! My parents, after 24 years, are moving out of this home to
explore the lands in an RV. They're trying to rid themselves of the
majority of their possessions. Any suggestions how to do this? We've
garage saled nearly every year for 24 years, so we know the dedication that takes. And eBay is a thought, but anything else?...

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Living estate sale? Auction of some sort? We're in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, so our choices are somewhat limited, but we try. Any advice would be appreciated. They've never done this before and haven't really met anyone who has, that's why we're turning to you guys. Any thoughts?

Thanks for anything and everything. I've already told them to start
reading the site to get some hints on how to live large in small

Thanks, Marissa

Dear Marissa,

First of all, Congratulations to your parents!

1/2 the battle of getting rid of possessions efficiently is mental, the other 1/2 is purely physical.

1. First stop, get your hands on our book and dive into the sections on the Outbox and how to live lightly. This will take care of the mental part.

2. eBay definitely. We've used eBay repeatedly to help us get rid of unwanted baby items and found it fast, efficient and satisfying in that we know our things are going to someone who really wants and will use it.

3. Craigslist is also excellent if you have one in your area.

4. We'd first have one big yard and inside sale where people can come and give you cash before they carry things away. Then we'd go to eBay and Craigslist. Finally, we'd donate the rest to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. And finally we'd take the rest to the dump and put it either in the trash or in your local recycling section.

Anyone else?

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